We know how much people love food. Today we bring you top 10 best street foods around the world in this article.

As there are so many things we can learn about exploring the world and the food. We believe you can learn more about the culture of any place from the food of that place.

This can be done both ways ordering the top of the line recommended by chef dish in a fancy restaurant or by a simple street food as well.

If you are traveling the world watch out for these 10 street foods always!

  1. Tacos & Tostadas In Maxico

Whenever you get a chance to visit Maxico please do try there delicious Tacos & Tostados, highly recomended. Maxican Tacos are very soft and Tostadas means “Toasted”

They are small flat bread which is fried until crisps. They can be altered on anyone recomdation soft to hard and brown from outside and softer inside.

Tocas are rolled are the filling which also has a toasty flavor to it. Which also have oftion to two kind of meats , red beans, Salsa sauce guacamole.

There is also a sea food option like shrimp and fish.

You also have to eat this by hand bacause this is the traditional way to eat the freshly made Tacos & Tostados. And it only cost anywhere between $1 & $2.

2. Souvlaki & Pita Bread In Greece

Souvlaki is the dish from greece with the combination of grilled meat and vegetables on a wooden stick.

It can be eaten staright from the stick or as a side dish as well.

It can also be taken inside the pita bread in eaither oval shape packing or round like a shawarma.

Souvlaki & bread is also the most famous way to eat in Greece if you are Hungry anywhere.

Meat also have a lot of options to chooswe from like you can either choose chicken, beef, pork or stew fish.

And in vegetable you can choose tomato, pepper, Onion as well.

This dish will cost you around $6 or close to it on average in greece per serving so it is very cheap and easily available.

3. Baguette Sandwiches In France

Baguette sandwiches in France is so common that you can find it on every corner of the street.

If you are in France it is considered to be fool to stay in hotell for breakfast in morning and not trying baguette sandwich on the street corner for the same price.

Baugette sandwiches are easly available in roadside stores and bakeries and are freshly produced everyday and can be very healthy to consume as a morning breakfast.

Thich brown crust of the bread smells amazing and the bread can be cu in half and take anything inside it.

Option are versatile such as Cheese, freshly cut slices of vegetables, Salami, chicken breast grilled and what you can think off.

But locals like it with only a French Cheese, that is a real delecousy. It can also be taken with fresh butter & Jam.

4. Simit Bread & Kokorec In Turkey

Well there are number of dishes known in Turkey to be very delicious and famous but this Simit Bread & Kokorec comes on the top in our list and most famous in turkey as well.

Simit bread is liked to be eaten in the breakfast and in shape it is like a baggle.

It is fully cover with sassimie seeds or also sometimes poppee seeds to.

Simit bread can be eaten raw or also with alomost anything inside it as well.

Also a good reason to interact with the locals and get to know the recipe better.

5. Currywurst In Germany

Germany is the place of food enthusiast people nobody can doubt that but there currywurst dish is the best so far.

Whenever you get a chance to visit Germany it is must to try there currywurst.

It is actually made of pork sausage but it is cooked by steam.

Currywurst can be eaten just like that and also in the form of small slices.

Sausage is seasoned with tomato sauce and curree powder also black pepper sometimes to enhance taste.

In some restaurants currywurst is served with french fries and bread rolls with the topping of tomato sauce.

There has been a research about the consumption of currywurst and they found out that almost 800million currywurst are eaten every year in Germany.

From which alone Berlin consume 70 million currywurst sausages,

6. Hot Dogs In New York City

New York city street hot dogs are world famous and considered to be a best snack in New York streets as well.

Traditional sausages are cooked or steamed and served with the plain bun with topping of mayo, mustard, chilli, cheese, onions and salad on it.

American hot dogs bacame famous worldwide in in late ninty’s and now you can find variety of hot dogs on the street.

It is also very cheap and easily available.

7. Nasi Goreng In Indonesia

Nasi goreng means fried rice and also must try dish if you ever visit Indonesia.

Dish is made up of pre cooked fried rice, garlic, soya sauce, turmeric, chilli and soya sauce.

For more flavor they can sometimes also add eggs, shrimps,chicken.

It is alomost $2 per serving which is very affordable.

8. Shish Kebab In Morocco

If you love kebabs and visiting Morocco you need to try Shish kebab from there.

It is very different from the normal kebab you find in states where meat is grilled on without any seasoning with fat and very cheap and easily available in Morocco.

It is $5 per serving avergae in local restaurants in Morocco.

9. Bhel Puri In India

India loves bhel puri, it is the most common and easily available also cheap snack in India.

Having bhel puri in meny India has nothing to complaint about.

It is made of local rice with green chilli sauce and tamarin and spicy sauce.

Mumbai is the best place to find the bhel puri and it is often served with peanuts and nuts as toping.