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Whenever I am consuming my daily meals, I always get this thought in my mind is that why the food is a necessity and why I get pleasure when I get it!


This has been always a bigger question for me and so many times I have optimistically tried to get in debates with my family and friends on why this is the case.


But unfortunately, I always had a disappointment on the remarks and suggestions from all of them.


So taking this as a challenge I am on a quest to figure out if real food is the necessity or pleasure along with it!


So I started exploring that by any means I have to have the answer to this question.


I tried few experiments by gathering a bunch of random people on my campus which is quite huge and always full of open-minded and ready to explore world kinda people.


So I gathered a few random people, printed a couple of papers with my research work and ask the guys to fill a couple of short answers to all my questions which were basically related to food.



  • What Kinds and typer of food they have tried throughout there life.
  • Have they ever tried any exotic food?
  • If they have how they felt and what kind of emotions they had after having that food.
  • They either think the food is just the necessity to keep them alive or something more.
  • If they prefer taste over quantity.


And many more questions like these and I was amazed by there answers and in fact, their responses have even put me into further trouble.


I was thinking about what kind of experiences people can have in such a young age, as a couple of them happened to me as well.


But I think that is how people learn.


Need Or Pleasure


In my opinion as a basic necessity food is Need!


Need or pleasure is a big discussion still human body need food in liquid or solid state to survive and live.


So is the reason I think first it is a necessity. But there is a whole world of knowledge when you start researching about food providing pleasure.


There are so many researches by many experienced nutritionists and health experts on why food provide, please.


The most part which I understood as I am not the professional but a simple being trying to understand the mechanics behind food being just needed or pleasure.



How Food Cover Need Of Energy In Human Body


No matter what kind of food you take or if it was your favorite or not or you like the taste of it or not.


Once the food is passed through your tongue to your esophagus you don’t feel anything.


Finally when food reaches your stomach then the amazing and unthinkable process starts in the human body of breaking your food into the smallest particles.


When we consume food in any shape first we break it in our mouth by chewing it but you must be thinking how we break liquid food into our mouth but in fact, you do.


I know it sounds weird but once the food is in our mouth we add saliva to it.


That is where and when your food starts to break.


Once the food is in your stomach that same saliva added to food in your mouth.


This Saliva helps that food with a combination of hydrochloric acid to break in into even smaller particles which human body can digest.


And once this process is completed that same food passes onto your small intestine where are the energy consuming process happened.


Your small intestine starts picking important nutrients and carbs and fats into your body and the process goes on.


Why Food Is Pleasure


Research shows that when we consume food our brain release chemicals in our body which helps to trigger a feeling to win or being rewarded. I will not go into scientific terms of it to keep it interesting.


The best part about it that not only by tasting the food you can feel pleasure but also just by having a good look of it as well.


.That is why for Michelin Star Chefs presentation is even more important than the flavor of the food they present in front of there customers.


I have had a couple of experiences in my life to have dinner in some of those restaurants.


where the food is actually served by the worlds best and known chefs. I am grateful to have an opportunity to taste their food.


And in my experience, I felt that their food was amazing but the presentation on the dish was even better than amazing.


I probably won’t be able to express that in work of when you look at that beautiful plate served to you on the table and it’s not the food but its the piece of art.


Like it is not cooked but drawn by a famous artist.

michelin-star-presentation-of-food michelin-star-presentation-of-food









At the end to summarize I still believe food is a necessity but pleasure is along with it.


We will always have non stop flavors from all these beautiful restaurants but the best part is our hunger for better food and even better-tasting food will never end.


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