Garlic has been used for ages as a part of our food and also for a medicinal purpose.


I am quite sure when I say that because since my childhood I have been looking at my parents using garlic in food and mentioning about this on various occasions.


Still now a days science has proven the health benefits of garlic in many many ways.


Garlic has a very strong smell and taste as well. Eating it raw won’t be an easy thing to do.

Still, whenever I talk about it the most favorite food which comes to my mind is Garlic Bread.

When freshly baked and comes out of the oven the amazing smell of it covers the whole house.

And I can confidently say that no one can deny not having a freshly baked garlic bread anyways.


In this article today we will discuss many aspects of this amazing and good tasting root today.

We will discuss how garlic is good for our health, How to consume in a way to get most out of it.

Also, we will also be discussing the way it is produced and in how many ways the garlic can be useful or can be used in our food and daily life.


Growing Garlic

It is important to understand the process of garlic growth for your knowledge.

Did you know that garlic is a species from the onion genes? Garlic is grown in huge quantities in central Asia like many parts of Pakistan, Bangladesh & also India.

It is also grown in the northern part of Iran as well. Clove plants start their growth in mid-autumn where it is well sunny and need a well-drained soil as well for a better growth.



How well the garlic plant matures will also depend on the good climate condition and if the soil has the richness of important nutrients for plants like urea and other fertilizers.

When provided with ideal conditions garlic plant will take 9 to 10 months to fully mature.

Experts also say that minimum of 6 hours of sunlight is also needed for faster and better growth of the garlic plant.


Hotter areas are like and adopted by garlic plant and that explains why it has the most growth in central Asia. This is where the plant gets all the natural resources like 6 hours of sunlight and good quality of soil and not to forget more rain makes the soil more fertile.


Harvesting Garlic

You might be thinking why I am discussing the process of harvesting of garlic with you.

The only reason to do that is to provide our readers every bit of the information we think might be useful for you.

The process of harvesting is very easy and simple. Since I live the place which is very hot and meet all the requirements to grow the garlic plant easily. I thought why shouldn’t I try to grow myself to see if it is difficult to grow or harvest the garlic in your backyard.

So I got some fresh garlic roots from the market and I put them at the corner of my backyard where I had good sunlight exposure and had a fertile soil. And after 9 months I had a fresh garlic clove in my hand which was quite amazing.

Harvesting is the simple process where first you check by just pressing the closest part of the plant to root and if it bends towards ground easily, that means itis time to pick the garlic cloves out.




The only part left after that is to dry the garlic and cut the top leaves and small bottom roots and you can enjoy healthy garlic wherever you want.




Top Uses Of Garlic


There are plenty of useful ways to consume healthy natural garlic by us. It is first of all part of our most daily diet and it is used in our homemade food frequently. Relationship of humans with garlic is thousands of years old.

Garlic also has been used for ages for medicinal purpose as well. I am no expert but we have heard this from our elders that it has many great effects on the human body.

Garlic also has anti-inflammatory qualities which are also a good part of it for our consumption.

Let’s talk about the uses in steps.


  • Daily Food Usage: Garlic is a part of our daily food. Since garlic has a strong smell and taste it is used in many recipes all over the world. I can sure provide a couple of known names of the recipes where garlic is consumed example Garlic Bread, Chicken & Garlic with fresh herbs, Garlic lemon shrimps, Tomato garlic bowls, Garlic chicken broccoli, onion&garlic bread, grilled garlic steaks and many more.


  • Commercial Use Of Garlic: On a daily basis, huge quantities of garlic & garlic cloves are used for commercial food production and in homeopathic medicine production. Though in the food they can be consumed in their original form and raw but for a medicinal purpose, they have to dry the garlic and then crush and use the power of garlic in the medicine or supplements.


  • Use Of Garlic For Pest Control: You might not believe but it is true that for many companies use dried garlic cloves in the mixture of there pest control products because of its very strong smell. Garlic has a natural ability to repel the small bugs, aunts and insects from its smell. So many products do have either essence or dried garlic power in their products which is a very effective process and thinking.



Major Health Benefits Of Garlic


Either in a natural raw form or dried, garlic has a plenty of health benefits for everyone.

If taken in the right way it is extremely beneficial for our health. We can also break down the health benefits of garlic into small different steps to easily understand.

So what is the wait? Let’s go ahead and get further into the depth on health benefits of one of the most healthy vegetable garlic.


Heart Health: Garlic is known to be useful for heart health very much. Garlic has natural effect in the raw form when consumed it lower down the cholesterol in our blood and slow down the process called “atherosclerosis” which is the disease which hardens the arteries in the human heart which in turn became the cause of the heart attack as well.

So this turn out to be the natural and probably most cheapest and healthiest way to save yourself from heart attack and heart diseases.


Clean the liver & Boost Metabolism: Garlic cloves has natural properties which clean your liver from toxifications and also helps you to boost your body metabolism by stabilizing blood flow in the human body.


Fight Cancer Cells: Garlic also has a quality to fight cancer cells by boosting your body protection system or immune system by all means. Which helps us to fight against cancer and other strong diseases.


Fight Against Viruses & Bacteria: My increasing the capacity or boost the process of immune system garlic also helps us to fight against strong viruses and bacteria strongly.


Fight Against Cold: Garlic also helps to fight against common cold and flu mostly when the weather is changing. At those moments it is preferred to be used in soups and juices to help to recover faster.


Helps Against Acne Spots:  This is where you can use garlic orally. Again as I mentioned earlier it is not necessary to consume garlic inside but as a medical use, it can be orally used on your body to cure acne spots.


All you need to do is just peel off the skin of garlic clove then cut the clove in half and then apply it to the affected area. This is a very effective and healthy process to get rid of acne marks faster.


Cleans Your Skin And Make It Brighter:  Yes it can do this as well. The correct way to do this effectivly is to take a water bottle and cut 2 to 3 big chunks of garlic clove cut in half and put those pieces inside the bottle. Keep it for 30 mins and then consume that water that day.


Repeating the process daily can make your skin brighter. Also, you can simply take a raw clove and cut in half and then apply to your sin and leave it for 5 minutes and wash your face. Both ways are effective if you are willing to do so.


Help You Clean Your Gutts: Taking it daily also helps to kill harmful bacteria in your stomach and help the beneficial bacteria to grow and improve and clean your gutts which in turn helps your digestion better as well.


Helps you Boost Your Sexual Health: By increasing the blood flow in your body garlic also helps you to boost your sexual health drastically. Eating garlic also control your blood pressure.



Benefits Of Eating Raw Garlic

Garlic in raw form is immensely beneficial for the human body. It helps to regulate the blood pressure and remove fats from arteries which increases your heart health and make generate good blood circulation.

Eating garlic raw can be tough and it has strong taste it is impossible to chew it raw but the only way it can be taken is but making a small piece of raw garlic and swallowing it with some form of liquid like juice or water.

I am no professional but I would like to share one tip which was shared with me by one nutritionist.

This is the tip I will share with you today. And by following this you can consume raw garlic easily every day regularly which will help you to make you healthy.

Best way to consume raw garlic is by taking 2-3 garlic cloves than cut each clove into 3 small pieces. Then take a glass of water and add 1 spoon of pure honey in it.

Mix it well so the honey is completely dissolved in the water. Now take 1 or 2 small pieces of garlic clove into your mouth and use that honey water to swallow that garlic cloves.

This process will not leave a taste or smell of raw garlic into your mouth.

And you can easily consume raw garlic every day. Also not to forget that Honey also has great properties for our health. So it is okay to consume honey with garlic.

Keep this in mind that if you are allergic to any of the mentioned food items please consult your nutritionist first before following up this process.

And in case if you really want to follow this process and it is most beneficial if you take this first thing in the morning when you wake up before your breakfast.

On empty stomach, you will provide the instant form of great nutrients to your body and it will help you cleanse the toxins from your body in the morning as well.



How much Garlic Should You Be Taking Everyday

Well, there is no specific quantity to measure how much garlic can be taken every day.

Still, too much of everything can also be harmful to anyone. So most recommended quantity by most known nutritionists is 1-2 cloves of raw garlic every day. If taken in the morning that is even better.

Still, if you feel that it is a small portion or less in quantity than you can take more but try to not exceed more than 4 cloves every day.

In fact, I will suggest that you keep taking a minimum of 2 cloves in the start and later if you feel comfortable yes rawer garlic can be consumed.



Garlic Can Actually Increase Sperm Count In Your Body

Yes, it is correct. Raw garlic can increase your sperm count more than anything else. It might be more effective than some supplements to boost your sperm count available in the market.

Eating raw garlic cloves in the morning can increase the sperm motility in good quantity in a short time. If one has no issue with the strong smell of garlic you can consume this every day.

It contains allicin which helps you to boost the blood flow in your body sexual organs and also protects new sperms from damage inside the body.

It also contains Selenium which works as anti-oxidants and helps our body to increase mobility in sperms and make them more fertile during the fertilization process.



Taking Raw Garlic Everyday Helped Me Lose 5kg In A Month

Many people don’t know that garlic also has properties to helps you lose extra or accessive fats from the body.

Research has shown that with certain kind of diets consumption of garlic may also help individuals to lose fats from their body.

More aggressive results are shown in women in comparison with men.

In 2011 The Journal Of Nutrition studied and results have shown the relationship in body fat loss and aged or dried garlic.

So it is not wrong to say that garlic can be useful for those people who are anxious to lose their weight.

And are struggling to go to the gym and doing exercise. If garlic can help you to lose your weight faster than what else do you need.

Again it is just a reminder that in it raw form garlic is most effective.

And if you plan to lose weight then follow the above-mentioned steps to get the most benefit out of it.



Amazing Benefits Of Garlic In Pregnancy

Research from gynaecologists has shown that consumption of garlic in the early stages of pregnancy can decrease the risk of preeclampsia.

Many mothers have tried taking little-cooked garlic every day in their daily schedule diet and this has helped them.

Also to avoid any pre-pregnancy conditions and mis-carrage.

So seems like this is also one of the benefits of raw garlic.

After sharinmg this information with yo,u I think my next most favourite vegetable. With so many benefits I don’t think I have seen any food item before with all the benefits. Garlic is now my most favorite vegetable.


I am hopeful that this content which I brought to you today has good and useful information for you all. Please let us know if you have any questions or query and we will always reach back to you.