Chocolate is loved my every being on this planet. This is the food item which is unrestricted to any place, country, border or tribe.

It is also one of the food items consumed by humans which are also harvested in huge quantity every year. Chocolate is consumed in many shapes and is one product which is used with a combination of other food products as well but what if you know the benefits you would have started having chocolate consciously.

There are numbers of brands worldwide producing chocolate in various shapes and combination with there name branding and they sell huge quantities every year.

No matter what age group you are in no one will ever tell you that He/She will not like chocolate anyways and it is most popular in the kids as kids love having this sweet desert probably all the time.

There are several health benefits of chocolate as well. And consumption of even a minor quantity of chocolate can be healthy for us. We will discuss further health benefits of having chocolate as well in this article.

Chocolate is also used in many shapes as I mentioned and when I say that what I mean is the once cocoa beans are dried and grinded to make a chocolate it is used in many different ways to cook various kinds of products.

The most popular way of us having a chocolate is consuming it in the form of chocolate bars. O’ we all love them. There are many popular brands as well who have engineered the way to cook chocolate is special ways and producing huge quantities of chocolate bars every year.

In fact, these are brands are now multi-billion dollar companies and sure I can name some of them like Cadbury, KitKat, Snickers, Mars, Twix, Hershey Bar, Milky Way, Bounty & many more. I will discuss a few big brands in detail as well with you in this article.

So let’s go ahead and first see where do actually chocolate come from, where it is produced and harvested. And the process from growing cocoa beans to produce real chocolate we will discuss everything!


Growing & Harvesting Cocoa Beans

Cocoa trees are very climate chossy trees. They are mostly grown close to equator or countries where it is hot and humid climate because that is what is well liked or suited by cocoa trees to produce good quality of cocoa.

Recent studies show that almost 70% of cocoa beans are produced and harvest in West African countries and it is a big business there providing thousands of people jobs in the countries: Cameroon, Nigeria, Ganna, Ivory Coast, Indonesia, Brazil, Ecuador & Mexico as well.

Cocoa trees produce big pods on the trunks and branches of the trees, these pods contain cocoa beans which has to be picked from the trees when ripe and then separate the beans from these pods by opening them up.




These pods are regularly harvested when ripening or else they if they are not picked at the correct time within 3 to 4 weeks they expires and can never be used again.






Once separated, the cocoa beans are separated from the pods within 8-10 days and then drying process begins. The drying process is done traditionally by spreading the cocoa beans on a big net sheet so the fermentation process can begin and seeds have access to air from each side to speed up the process.



During fermentation process color of beans start to change the color to dark brown which is actually the cause of chocolate being brown as well. Once the fermentation process is completed cocoa seeds are bagged and shipped all over the world.





Types Of Chocolate


There are more than ten types of chocolate used worldwide which we will discuss but there are three main types which are commonly used everywhere.

Let’s review the main three types of chocolate and then the rest of the types as well.


Dark Chocolate: The dark chocolate is the purest form of chocolate and also known as “Plain Chocolate”. Dark chocolate can be eaten as it is or it can be used with other foods in solid form or also melted. There has been researched as well that dark chocolate is also recommended many times to heart patients because of his healing properties.

Dark chocolate normally contains a high percentage of cocoa anywhere between 60% to 100% because of more quantity of cocoa beans in them.

Taste: Due to the high quantity of cocoa beans, dark chocolate is also known to have a strong and bitter taste.


Milk Chocolate: Milk chocolate is made up of a combination of purely crushed cocoa beans and either a powdered milk or condensed milk. In milk chocolate, a portion of cocoa beans are up to somewhere from 25% to 50% and rest is milk and sugar as an additive. This is also one of the most commonly used chocolate. Most of our chocolate bars are of milk chocolate and they all taste amazingly good.

Taste: Milk Chocolate is surprisingly sweeter and rich in taste because of the addition of sugar and milk.


White Chocolate: White chocolate takes a middle place between dark and milk chocolate. White chocolate contains cocoa butter as the main ingredient and adds in milk, sugar, vanilla extract, lecithin and it may also contain some quantity of flavorings. Only 20% of white chocolate is made of cocoa butter and approximately 15-20% is milk solids and the rest is other additives like sugar.

Taste: White chocolate is also very sweet and smooth because of the large quantity of milk and sugar in it.


Rest Of The Chocolate Types:

Sweet Chocolate, Unsweetened Chocolate, Semisweet Chocolate, Raw Chocolate, Organic Chocolate, Nib, Dutched Chocolate, Cocoa Solids, Cocoa Powder chocolate, Cocoa Bean Chocolate, Chocolate Liquor, Chocolate Flavored Coating, Bittersweet Chocolate, Baking Chocolate.




25 “Health Benefits” OF Having Dark Chocolate Everyday



Dark chocolate is full of nutrients and antioxidants. Too much of anything is not good for anyone. But if you know the benefits of having chocolate and know in how much quantity consumption of chocolate is healthy then you can enjoy the benefits of having it all the time.

Today I will share with you on 25 benefits of having chocolate every day. So let’s go ahead and review this one by one.



  • Helps Depression: Yes, a study has shown that having a small quantity of dark chocolate time to time help you to overcome depression. So good news for those who suffer from depression because now you don’t have to depend on the medicines alone.


  • Cardiovascular Disease: Dark chocolate has good properties naturally to help people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases. Many times it is recommended by the doctor to heart patient but I am no specialist. I know this because my grandmother has suffered from a heart attack last year where she barely survived and later after surgery doctors recommended a minimum of 20 grams of dark chocolate to her to help her heal faster.


  • Diabetes: Dark chocolate has also had properties to bolster endothelial function in the human body. I researched online on this myself as well a couple of months ago and found that it is correct. I was amazed to hear that cocoa has so much to offer in terms of human health to us all.


  • Help To Prevent Stroke: Dark chocolate can prevent stroke, for those who have a habit of eating small portions of chocolate regularly. They can save themselves from a stroke.


  • LDL Cholesterol: Chocolate can also help to improve Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in your blood which is healthy for your heart.


  • HDL Cholesterol: Chocolate can also increase High-density lipoprotein in your body.


  • Control Cough: Consumption of chocolate when you are suffering from a cough can help you to overcome because of the chemical in cocoa called theobromine.


  • Helps In Pregnancy: There has been recent research on this that dark chocolate can help us to improve fetal growth. It controls high blood pressure during pregnancy.


  • Improve Brain Function: Dark chocolate can help you to improve the brain function.


  • Antioxidants: Cocoa beans contains huge quantities of antioxidants which help us to improve or make the strong immune system and also helps with Cancer cells as well.


  • Chocolate Protects You From Sun: Dark chocolate can helps you to protect from the damaging ultraviolet rays when you are out in the sun. Don’t forget to use sunscreens as well it helps a lot 🙂


  • Nutritious: Other than all the antioxidants in the dark chocolate it is very nutritious food as well. I am not the professional but the numbers below have been taken from online research. It says that half a cup of cocoa beans contains following nutrition in it which I believe is more than enough or from any other food hard to get.


 -Caffeine, 99 mg

-Theobromine, 880 mg

-Riboflavin, 6% of your daily value

-Niacin, 4% of your daily value

-Calcium, 5% of your daily value

-Copper, 80% of your daily value

-Manganese, 83% of your daily value

-Omega-6 fatty acids—378mg

-Iron, 33% of your daily value

-Magnesium, 53% of your daily value

-Phosphorous, 30% of your daily value

-Zinc, 40% of your daily value



  • Promote Red Blood Cels distribution In Human Body: regular use of dark chocolate can help our liver to promote red blood cells in our body. It is really amazing to know that cocoa has so much to offer and useful and healthy for us.


  • Boost Immune System: Such a great news for those who suffer casual diseases on a daily basis like the flu. If you can have a dark chocolate time to time it can help you to improve your immune system and helps you fight with these diseases better and can keep you healthy.


  • Cocoa Has Mood Boosting Properties: Amazing! I didn’t know that earlier because I am way moody than anyone probably! Still cocoa has natural properties to boost your mood which eventually boosts your health.


  • Cocoa Contains Polyphenols: Polyphenol is a type of nutrients


  • Enhances Concentration: Chocolate is known to help you concentrate by increasing blow flow in certain part of your brain which helps you to concentrate on anything. It has been also known to increase your alertness for a period of time after the consumption.

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