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This has been a myth for some time that how to stop hairfall with onion water but the latest research has shown that this is very possible.


Red onions are easily available food item which is used in our daily cooking recipes.


Onion is also very healthy while eating raw. It can make you cry for sure but still, it is healthy.


Can this really work for you? If you are having hair fall issues this tip might be effective.


Can We Stop Hair Fall And What Is The Hair Treatment


Yes, We can stop hair fall with just onion water.


The correct process is adopted and if you follow the up and be consistent hair fall can be stopped.


Still, this process is natural and as seen previously natural process is simply slow.


But once in action very effective for a longer period of time than take synthetic medication or go through the hair transplantation process.


I have personally used this advice for 40 days consistently. I have to say it is difficult to do every day.


But once you see the results you get motivated by all means because results are effective.


How To Make The Mixture Of Onion Water


The process is very simple and easy! You just need 5 items in total to get this done.


I will try to explain the process as easy as possible.


Let’s talk about the items you need first to stop your hair fall process.


  1. A small cup or bowl
  2. Blender
  3. Red Onion – (1, if fairly bigger size) or 2 if smaller in size.
  4. 50ml water
  5. Brush – (Hair color applying brush can be ideal for this task or any medium size hair brush will also work)


First start with the onion, completely cut off both ends of onions and make smaller 6-8 pieces of each onion.


Again if fairly bigger in size then you only need one. If you think the onion is smaller or not bigger piece of onion is not available you can take more 2-3 pieces of red onion as well.


Once you cut of all the onions put that in the blender.


Now, put 50ml of water into the blender as well and start your blender on a medium or slow speed.


You need to run the blender for almost 2 mins or until the onions are completely blended into the water releasing its juices.


Now take it out into the bowl and leave it open for 5 mins into the bowl.


Process Of Application


Applying the onion water is a very simple process. Use the brush by simply dropping into the bowl and then applying it onto the roots of your hair using the brush.


You should take a couple of measures first as a form of safety before applying the onion water onto your hair.


This is just to save your clothes which you are wearing because it fight fell on your clothes and leave a strong smell of onion on it.


You can you either a paper towel or even some cloth to put around your neck and then start the process of application.

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Gently dip the brush in the onion water and after applying to the roots of your hair but not the hair directly.


Please also make sure that the onion water has still a strong smell by the time you with start applying it to your hair.


So keep it easy and if you feel that the smell is still strong please leave the bowl for further 5-10 minutes.


Once you have applied all that onion water onto your hair roots to stop hair fall please leave it on for 10-15 minutes.


You have to let the onion juice soak into the roots of your hair to make it effective.


After 15 minutes you can take shower using whatever brand of shampoo you like and since it is all natural.


After you take shower the smell should be gone.


I think this is the correct time to mention that this process can be used for both Men & Women.


As this is all natural so there should be no harm or side effects overall.


Though many people have tried this effective tip and had a very good response.


We hope that you like our post and thank you if you have stayed on my blog and read this post completely.


Hopefully, this will help you in regaining or stopping your hair loss process. Please share if you like this post.