Love of my life bbq is the one thing I can call!


I don’t want to be selfish to say I am the only one who loves bbq food.


Today specifically I am discussing the mission bbq restaurant and what mission bbq restaurant is doing unique from their competitors.


As this is one of the most famous bbq restaurants in the USA.


Mission BBQ is located at multiple locations in that continent and all of the restaurants are doing great business because of their quality food.


People, especially on weekends, line up outside the restaurants because all of them are completely full.


People also book way earlier sometimes when they want to have a good bbq with friends and family.


Why Mission BBQ Has Choose Name “Mission BBQ”


Mission bbq has this unique name because of the reason.


Behind the startup of the mission bbq, there is a story of two old friends who had a plan.


Both friends had a plan to open mission Barbeque to serve the country with the best bbq.


Both friends had a military background and they took inspiration from their couriers to set up the restaurant in the same theme.


Hence, the name came up mission bbq. Which is very unique and people loved it.


Mission bbq restaurant is a very patriotic place to be as they sing the national anthem every afternoon.


Let’s further talk about their food and menu.


Why Mission BBQ Menu Is Most Favourite From The Competitors


Flavor is for sure the most favorite part of all there customers and also the presentation.


As I have tried their bbq myself I can point out a couple of items from their menu which seems most tasty and top-selling items of their restaurant.


I will share the complete menu below but let’s see what are those items which are their customers most favorite.


Meat Market – Brisket: Mission bbq use special oak wood to cook their bbq.


They have a special technique to cook the healthy brisket which gives their bbq the best flavor people crave for.


Chief starts there job a night before on the brisket meat. They season the meat and keep it open at room temperature.


They let all the seasoning soak into the meat which not only gives the best flavor but also tenderizes the meat to make it soft and juicy.


Then briskets go onto the oak burning big bbq ovens where meat cooks overnight slowly over the grill.


In the morning the next day once the brisket comes out of the oven it has gathered all the meat juices with and tenderness with the seasoning.


Meat becomes so soft that you can just pick it from your two fingers and it will torr itself apart.


Once the briskets are served as seen below in the image, it is sliced into half-pound pieces and served in a platter or as per order of each customer.


Brisket is also served with their fresh coleslaw and fresh homemade fries.


mission-bbq-brisket-supporting-image-flavor-bazar-1 mission-bbq-brisket-supporting-image-flavor-bazar-2



















Chicken Racks & Ribs:  Chicken racks & especially the ribs is also the most favorite bbq menu in the restaurant.


Bbq ribs are also a part of the platter. Ribbs is also cooked with the special seasoning on the grill directly. Oakwood gives the ribs very smoky and amazing taste.


Ribs are marinated overnight with their special rub seasoning and it tastes amazing also the most selling item on the mission bbq menu.


See the menu further to find out more items and their price as well.





See Why ABC Channel Has Featured Mission BBQ Restaurant On Local Television


Though mission bbq restaurant has gained popularity over time because of their food.


But food is not only their uniqueness anymore it actually their restaurant and the reputation they have gained with the confidence of the customer’s overtime make its special.


Mission Restaurant opened their door to the public in 2010 and they thought about something unique at that time.


One of their owners told us that they wanted to have a special bbq truck for their company or brand. And not just the ordinary truck but the military transport truck.


So they started to look for the military trucks all over the country with which they can deliver and cook great bbq.


They finally got the truck in Philadelphia and named it Bam Bam (Badass Machine)!


From there they started and now they have total 12 Bamm Bamm trucks all over states. Also What they did is actually add a customized grill on the back of the truck to cook bbq.


And this also became restaurants icon and this is where people started to recognize the name of the trucks and the restaurants. Good marketing strategy indeed.



bam-bam-truck-mission-bbq-supporting-image-1 bam-bam-truck-mission-bbq-supporting-image-2











Mission BBQ Locations


  • Annapolis Mission BBQ – Locations (2)

         2101 Somerville Rd, Annapolis, MD 21401

          142 Dock St, Annapolis, MD 21401



  • Mission BBQ – Somerville Road

           2101 Somerville Rd, Annapolis, MD 21401



  • Mission BBQ – Baltimore

          3701 Boston St, Baltimore, MD 21224



  • Mission BBQ – Columbia

          6270 Columbia Crossing Cir, Columbia, MD 21045



  • Mission BBQ – Ellicott City

          3410 Plum Tree Drive, Ellicott City, MD 21042



  • Mission BBQ – Glen Burnie

          7748 Governor Ritchie Hwy, Glen Burnie, MD 21061



  • Mission BBQ – Greenbelt

          5506 Cherrywood Ln, Greenbelt, MD 20770



  • Mission BBQ – Hagerstown

          17301 Valley Mall Rd, Hagerstown, MD 21740



  • Mission BBQ – Laurel

          Towne Centre, 14712 Baltimore Ave, Laurel, MD 20707



  • Mission BBQ – Nottingham

          Perry Hall Shopping Center, 4132 E Joppa Rd #114, Nottingham, MD 21236



  • Mission BBQ – Odenton

          2503 Evergreen Rd, Gambrills, MD 21054     



  • Mission BBQ – Rockville

          885 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852